Golf Season Gets Out Of The Thick Rough

by Timothy Niemann Season Gets Out Of The Thick Rough
Lgolf100• Golf competition proves more difficult to navigate than most other sports during COVID restrictions.

It maybe surprising to hear now, but just a few months ago, there was a legitimate possibility that there would be no high school golf season in Los Angeles. As with all other high school sports, Los Angeles County COVID-19 restrictions did not allow for high school golf competitions until late March.
This may be surprising, as golf seems like a safe sport to play during a pandemic. Courses reopened to the public in May of 2020, but competitions were still restricted nearly a year later. Even after high school football was officially allowed to resume play, golf competitions were still prohibited.
However, a season did finally open, but it was an odd season. Competitions were limited, and those competitions were mostly for varsity players, leaving many JV players without other people to play against. This is because it has been hard for high schools to acquire enough tee times for multiple teams to compete, as golf play has soared throughout the pandemic.
Even just getting a team out to practice on the course has been difficult.
Of course, protocols were implemented to ensure that everyone was safe while competing during the pandemic. Face coverings were typically required while players were on the driving range and until they teed off, and flagsticks could not be touched or removed at most courses. However, rules and regulations did differ course-by-course and team-by-team.
But, after a somewhat shortened 2021 season, we made it. The season is over for most players, and will soon end for the rest with CIF and SCGA team championships. Some individual players will also continue to compete on their own.
Looking back to before the season began, it is incredible to think of where the golf season was then compared to where it went. High school golfers around Los Angeles County are grateful to play their season during a global pandemic.

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