PVYBL Volunteers Make Strong Impact

by James Lew
  • The Palos Verdes Youth Basketball League is great place to begin volunteering in the community.

This past winter, many students from local high schools have been coaching youth sports leagues, such as the Palos Verdes Youth Basketball League (PVYBL), a nonprofit youth basketball league that started in 2018 for kids from pre-kindergarten to 8th grade.
This league depends on parents and high school volunteers for coaching, scorekeeping, photographers, and division coordinators for photo day, opening day, championship ceremonies, scheduling, etc.
PVYBL provides a great opportunity for younger kids to develop basketball skills, make new friends, and, more importantly, have fun. The players can learn about teamwork, sportsmanship, accountability, and team bonding, all of which help to boost both their mental and physical health.
High school volunteers can coach with friends, teach the next generation the fundamentals of basketball, and give back to the same community that helped foster their love of sports.
First-year coach Tristan Shea said, “I think that coaching PVYBL is a good experience for me because I can hang out with friends and have an opportunity to help teach some younger players about basketball.”
Coaches serve as role models to inspire young athletes and teach the value of hard work. It’s also rewarding to witness players evolve in their game to make their first shot and get their first win. Coaching is also a great way to develop leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills, as well as build friendships with other coaches, and meet many more people along the way.
Palos Verdes High School Senior Jonathan Liu has been coaching for 3 years and commented, “My coaching experience for PVYBL has been great. I started coaching when I was a sophomore and have been coaching every winter since. I love seeing the players have fun on the court and enjoy each other when they are having success.”

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