Triton Yearbook Nationally Acclaimed

by Jenna McFarland

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• Palos Verdes High continues its long tradition of nationally acclaimed publishing.

The nationally acclaimed PVHS yearbook, Triton, which wins awards every year for its quality, creativity and content, has been awarded the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) All-American designation this year with four marks of distinction.
The Triton also won the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) Silver Crown Award, and the Jostens National Yearbook Program of Excellence Award.
The rush of recognition is nothing new to the Triton staff.
In 2016 alone, the yearbook won NSPA All American with five marks of distinction, CSPA Gold Medalist Award, CSPA Silver Crown Award, Jostens USD National Camp People’s Choice Award, Jostens USD National Camp Advanced Design first Place, CSPA Gold Circle Award, American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA) first place with honors, ASPA Theme Excellence Award, and the ASP Editorial Excellence Award. .
The list quite literally goes on and on.
This yearbook program is one of the best programs around. However, it is not consistently the best by chance. On the contrary, there are many factors that go into the Triton over the course of the year.
When asked what makes the Triton such an amazing production, Editor-in-Chief Lindsey Staub pointed to “the incredibly dedicated yearbook staff, which is willing to make sacrifices for the program.”
Staub went on to describe how staff members are “willing to skip cheering in Red Tide to take pictures on the field or skip relaxing on weekends to copy edit on deadline.”
However, the staff is just part of the recipe for the Triton’s success. Another key part is the advisor of the program, Ms. Pavelka.
According to Staub, “Ms. Pavelka motivates us to work as hard as we do, and knows how to turn out the best yearbooks possible.”
Susan Pavelka has been making yearbooks for many years, and her experience and expertise is reflected by the endless awards won, along with her dedicated and passionate staff.
Although Staub has many responsibilities as Editor-in-Chief, such as choosing the theme of the book and delegating tasks, her favorite part of being involved in yearbook is the unique perspective and opportunity it gives her to learn about the school.
She gets to see a side and depth of PVHS that few do.
As she puts it, “I love yearbook for so many reasons, but at the top of the list is getting to know the opinions and stories of everybody at the school more than the average PV student.”
She went on to say that “Because I’ve interviewed so many of the students, I have been able to meet all of these different people I would have never crossed paths with without Yearbook, which is definitely the best part.”
A yearbook is a way for adolescents to fondly remember their youth and time as high schoolers, and the Triton is definitely a yearbook worthy of making PVHS alumni nostalgic for their days as Sea Kings.
Staub is really excited about this year’s book because “we have a really strong leadership team, so I know we’re going to produce a book that the students will love and that we will be proud of.”
However, it’s safe to say that more than just the students will love the book, seeing as the Triton wins awards every year, and this upcoming year is going to be no different.

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