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by Timothy Niemann Group New “Buddies” For Challenger Players 
• Challengers play flag football with their NLYM buddies.”
The Palos Verdes Youth Football and Cheer program has an exceptional flag football league called Challenger Flag Football.
The league incorporates a typical league game with modified rules. These young boys have the opportunity to play against their friends in weekly flag football games, where competition is not as important as the thrills of the game.
The Challengers get support from their “buddies,” who assist the coaches and help the players compete and enjoy their games.
This year, the “buddies” were provided by the National League of Young Men, Palos Verdes Chapter. From coaching games held at Peninsula High School to assisting the teams at Sofi Stadium, these “buddies” provide continuous support to each team member, as well as getting true enjoyment out of the experience.
As stated by Bruce Humiston, who was a point of contact for Challenger football players and their families, “We run a sports program for special needs kids to play flag football.”
200imag1Humiston said, “To help the Challenger players during the games, we pair each of them up with a volunteer from the community. This year we had the pleasure of working with volunteers from the local chapter of NLYM. Helping special needs kids can be very challenging – especially when the activity is far from routine.
“Remarkably, the young men from League completely embraced the opportunity and not only provided the needed assistance but they made our program better. They brought a fun youthful spirit to the games and helped the players to truly enjoy the entire experience.
“For the sake of the Challenger Players and the program, I’m hoping they can help us again next year!”
In the end, not only did the PV Challengers obtain fun and structure playing an organized sport, but the League of Young Men benefitted, too.

– By Gray Rappoport

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