Seniors Have Eyes Wide Open For College

by Jenna McFarland
Seniors Have Eyes Wide Open For College

• High school seniors are looking for college oportunities all over the nation.

It’s that time of year again. College acceptances are out and high school seniors are making the choice of what the next four year of their lives are going to look like.
Some are staying close to home, while others are embarking on a journey across the country. No matter what, it’s an exciting time of change and the beginning of the rest of their lives.
When making the tough choice of where to go, there are countless factors. Many of the factors are intangible, but one of the most obvious, tangible factor is location. The question going through the minds of local seniors is: Do I stay in sunny Southern California or do I try somewhere new?
For many, like senior Sue Park, the answer was to stay. Park will be attending USC in the fall, and explained that she “was not opposed to leaving, but when acceptances came out and it really came down to it I realized that this is where I want to be.” She loves USC and thinks it’s her perfect fit, and for her, it’s location is an added bonus.
She also went on to explain that although living somewhere new for college sounds like a great adventure, “I didn’t feel the need to leave because I think college itself is an adventure, no matter if it’s 20 miles away or 2000 and you really just can’t beat Southern California.”
Many seniors share the sentiment, and PV seniors will be found all around Southern California next year, from USC to UCSD to Chapman to UCLA.
However, others will be taking the leap to Northern California because , for them, it’s far enough, but not too far.
And still others, like PV senior Nicole Chernoff, will be going across the country. For her, attending Boston University next fall sounds like the adventure of a lifetime.
 Although she loves where she grew up, she said she wanted to try somewhere new for her next four years.
 She explained, “Although it’s kind of terrifying moving across the country, I can’t wait. I want to experience real weather and a new culture and a new city.” She went on to say, “I love where I live, but how am I supposed to know what I really want and like without ever trying anything new.”
“I’m nervous, but I can’t wait.”
No matter where seniors end up next year, that is the overwhelming sentiment. They can’t wait.

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