Seafood Chefs Offer Wide Variety Of Great Foods

by Alexis Ferguson


Seafood Chefs Offer Wide Variety Of Great Foods
• I live by the ocean, so you would think I would like seafood, but I don’t. At seafood restaurants, I can always find something to eat so I was very optimistic about going to Fishing with Dynamite in Manhattan Beach.

food.aChef David LeFevre also owns Manhattan Beach Post and The Arthur J.  I was expecting a few dishes to choose from that didn’t have seafood, but I was pleasantly surprised to find at least five items to choose from.
I ordered the clam chowder even though I picked out the clams. When the soup came, I could see the clam still in the shell which is so fresh. The soup was light and creamy and even had bacon. Bacon goes well with anything, but was exceptional in this dish because the bacon made the soup smokey.
Next, I tried the grilled spigarello with chili flakes, roasted garlic, and parmesan. I had never heard of this vegetable before, so I was excited to try it. I would describe it as kale with a crunchy broccoli stem.
The vegetable was charred which adds so much flavor and was juicy and tender. For dessert I tried the key lime pie which is my favorite dessert.
I have been to Key West and tried the best pie there but the pie I tried at Fishing with Dynamite is a definite runner-up. The crust was sweet and crumbly, and the curd was tart and so smooth.
I don’t like seafood, but I would eat at Fishing with Dynamite any day of the week no doubt.

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