Sea Kings Remember The Tritons With Annual Walk

by Sarah Liu Kings Remember The Tritons With Annual Walk
seakings.100• Palos Verdes High holds “Remember the Tritons Walk” with great success.

On Feb. 22, students traded class time for an opportunity to honor lost Sea Kings at the annual Remember the Tritons Walk.
The Walk was organized by the student leadership class Be the Change (BTC), and raised more than $18,000 for the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center.
The Walk was originally called Brian’s Walk in remembrance of Brian Booth, a Palos Verdes High School student that died in 2012 from Ewing’s Sarcoma. BTC made the decision to donate to the center where Booth received treatment.
As the years went on, the focus of the event changed, but the cause never did, as the Walk now honors PVHS students that died before they had the chance to graduate.
The Walk is successful each year mainly because of BTC, an offset of the Associated Student Body.
“We start planning The Walk months in advance and right after it ends we go over everything that was successful and everything we could improve on,” senior and Vice President Alaina Bucy said.
The Walk began with a ceremony, paying respects to the fallen Sea Kings, along with a carnival serving food, such as shaved ice and popcorn, in addition to a carnival with entertainment, such as a velcro wall. Students then took a walk around the neighborhood as BTC members tossed colored powder at their classmates.
Students had the option to either donate or participate in The Walk. For students unable to walk, making a donation still hit close to home for some Sea Kings.
“I donated because… it is a great cause,” sophomore Parker Zane said. “My grandma had cancer and the fact that a school-affiliated organization donated to the Jonsson Cancer Research Fund was great to see.”
The Walk was a large undertaking for BTC, and in order for everything to go smoothly, everyone had to do their part.
“We have to order T-shirts, food, get sponsorships, make posters and, most importantly, try to make sure a majority of the student body participates,” Bucy said. “There are so many different aspects of The Walk that we need to plan, and our wonderful Commissioners of Special Projects and Activities are amazing with the organization of The Walk.”
As vice president, Bucy oversaw all parts of the event, from making posters to planning the logistics of the trail. She got involved in BTC as a freshman with the guidance of her middle school counselor.
When she learned about how BTC impacted the student body, she knew that she wanted to join. As a result of joining BTC, she believes that her experience has strengthened her problem-solving skills as well as given her new friendships and memories.

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