Sea Kings Look To Keep The Winning Times Going

by Jenna McFarland
Sea Kings Look To Keep The Winning Times Going

seakings.100 • A smaller roster adds to the challenge the Sea Kings face entering Bay League competition.

For the past several years, Palos Verdes High School girls soccer has been a powerhouse in the Bay League, winning the League the past three consecutive years, and becoming CIF champion two seasons ago.
This season, expectations are high for the team to continue its impressive streak of success. However, one major setback that PV soccer is facing, along with high school soccer teams all over, is the new Academy rule.
The rule states that if players decide to play Academy, they aren’t allowed to play high school soccer, in case of injuries that could happen during the high school season. Many Sea Kings have decided to play Academy, and so the PV girls soccer roster is significantly smaller than in previous years.
Luckily, the Sea Kings aren’t allowing their diminishing numbers to knock them down. In fact, the smaller team is making them work harder and ultimately become better.
According to senior Izzy Carr, “There are good things and bad things about the smaller roster, but I think having a smaller team allows us to be a closer knit group.”
pv.soccerMany good things come out of having a close knit team, like trust and unity, which Carr also touches on.
“Obviously, there are many amazing parts of the soccer program, but I think the best part is the girls, and how I can trust my teammates on the field and they can trust me, which allows us to play together as an in-sync unit,” she said.
So far, the team chemistry has pulled through even with the smaller numbers. Except for a rough go in the game against Redondo, the season has been going very well for the Sea Kings and the team is improving as time goes by.
With many games under their belt, the Sea Kings are confident in their abilities and ultimately bring home the fourth consecutive Bay League championship.
Carr reiterates this confidence when she says, “We are getting better as the season goes on, and I expect our results to reflect that success.”
Fellow senior Ryan Frost has the same optimistic message. According to Frost, “We are expecting to get another Bay League title and I have high hopes of going pretty far in CIF this year, potentially even winning CIF again.”
It looks like PV girls’ soccer has yet another successful season ahead of it. As they girls adjust to new challenges and their new situation, there’s no doubt that they are going to emerge stronger than ever.

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