RHE Holds 60th Annual Scouts’ Pancake Breakfast

by Nina Li

RHE Holds 60th Annual Scouts’ Pancake Breakfast

• Ernie Howlett Park in Rolling Hills Estates held the 60th annual Scout’s Pancake Breakfast last week.
Scout troops from all over the Peninsula attended the event, which was highlighted by the annual Mayor’s Ride, where members of the Rolling Hills Estates City Council arrive by horseback to feast on the pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausage.
Frank Zerunyan, a member of the RHE City Council, has participated in the event for 15 years. He has been mayor three times and has been in office since 2003.
“It’s the community aspect of the Mayor’s Pancake Breakfast that makes it so unique,” said Zerunyan. “It is so unique. You can go anywhere in the world, frankly, and you would not find such a pancwonderful community event like this. It’s an event where everybody gets together — children, parents, horsemen, horses, dogs, you name it. That is what makes it very special.”
Along with hundreds of community members participating in the event, there were a record number of 80 horses at the park. Since there were so many people, it took many Boy Scouts to accommodate the crowd.
Elijah Ding, a junior from Peninsula High School, has been in Scouting since the 5th grade, and this is his 5th year at the pancake breakfast.
“My favorite part of the event is spending time with my friends from other troops, but also providing for the community in a very fun way,” Ding said.
Peninsula high junior Jared Caylor is the senior patrol leader and head Scout. He was in Cub Scouts since second grade and was promoted to Boy Scouts in sixth grade. This is his seventh year helping out at the pancake breakfast.
The Boy Scouts have given him many amazing opportunities, including going to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico over summer where they hiked 107 miles in 12 days.
“Just seeing the community come together and helping the community eat breakfast together is the best part of the event,” said Caylor.

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