Peninsula Hosts Annual Coffee House

by Chiara Grimes
Peninsula Hosts Annual Coffee House

• Peninsula High School held its annual Coffee House show.

House Tuesday, Dec. 12. This tradition has gone on for years and consists of a plethora of the student body performing in the amphitheatre for a night of holiday cheer, music and delectable treats.
This year 24 performances were integrated into this archaic style gathering. Not only were the students’ talented voices demonstrated but also their instrumental skills.
The vibe of this event is a thing within itself. Peninsula does not fully embrace the holiday season until Coffee House. Cozy blankets, hot cocoa, friendly conversations, starry skies and breathtaking tunes come together at this event. ASB, which also hosts the event, holds auditions for students wishing to perform.
coffeeFor the performers who were rookies of the event, they described it with excitement and nervousness.
“I was really scared because I have never just sung on a stage with people like that before but, in the end, it was worth it,” said Charlize Boushehri, a Peninsula High junior.
Many of the first-timers said their fear of performing in front of a large crowd was trumped by the strong support of the audience.
Maxine Bennett, another performer, added, “It was really nerve-wracking thinking about performing in front of all my friends and classmates, but once I got up there it was a lot easier for I was greeted with tons of smiling and cheering faces.”
The event was quite a success for Peninsula students who did a great job bringing together the high school and the community in a much-celebrated form of art: music.

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