PVIS Runners Celebrate Season

by Shelby Ponce

PVIS Runners Celebrate Season

coaches.100• Palos Verdes Intermediate School cross country team held a season-ending banquet after an amazing season

Many would say cross country is not a team sport. One team, the Palos Verdes Intermediate cross country team, proved this wrong, as expressed at a fun and eventful banquet dinner on Sunday, Nov.19, held in thanks to all the coaches and runners.
“PVIS Cross Country definitely has some of the best coaches ever. I couldn’t imagine running with any other coaches than the ones we have. They’ve helped us improve and encourage us to run faster, said eighth grade runner Julie Masuda at the banquet.
pvis.xc“Without Mr. Reid (Scott Reid, head coach) and the other coaches,” said Matsuda, “I don’t think I would like running as much as I do now. Mr. Ponce, Mr. Booth, Mrs. Espinoza, Mrs. Hardesty, and Mrs. Naehu always make our practices fun and worth it. Not only do they help us out but if we didn’t have them around we wouldn’t have ran at State Championships.”
The PVIS cross country team coaches have put a great effort into coaching and really bring out their love for running to pass down to the young ones.
This season the Sea King 8th Grade girls and 6th Grade boys won Middle School State championships.

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