PVBA Season Hits Second Stride

by Timothy Niemann

PVBA Season Hits Second Stride
• The 6th Grade Division is led by undefeated Miami with only a few more regular season games left on the schedule.

The PVBA 6th grade boys basketball season is getting exciting.
As we pass the midpoint of the season, standings will be getting more and more looked at by players, coaches and fans hoping for their team to be a top dog in the playoffs.
As of the date of this issue, only one team is undefeated. Miami is 7-0. On Sunday, Miami will face the 4-2 Duke Blue Devils. Both teams are coming off of a 2-0 weekend. They both tallied a win over Arizona this past weekend, and have both also beaten North Carolina and Indiana.
On Jan. 13, the USC Trojans battled the California Golden Bears. Going into the second half, the Trojans led 13-5. But that didn’t stop the Bears. They took the lead late in the third quarter, but with about a minute to play and the Trojans down three, the Trojans’ point guard made a lay-up and was fouled. The free throw was made to tie the game at 26. The score stayed that way for the rest of regulation. Because of time constraints, the game was called a tie.
Will we see a USC-California rematch come playoffs?
Will a team at the bottom, such as Arizona or UConn, rise up?
We’ll have to wait until mid-February for those questions to be answered. Until then, the lights at the gym will be left on late and teams will be working hard all day and night.

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