PV Golf Club Has New Menu To Spice Up Your Appetite

by Alexis Ferguson

line.orange.700PV Golf Club Has New Menu To Spice Up Your Appetite
food.1002Fresh. Flavorful. These three words perfectly describe Chef Garrett Yokoyama’s new menu at the Palos Verdes Golf Club.

At the young age of seven or eight, Garrett would cook breakfast for his family but never envisioned himself to be a professional chef. As a local who grew up in Manhattan Beach, Garrett always wanted to move back close to home. He worked at Trump National Golf Club for five years and at Sherwood Country Club for nine years.
Garrett wanted to work in the South Bay where he is surrounded by friends and family. David Conforti, the general manager at PVGC reached out to Garrett, as they had worked together at Trump National Golf Club. Garrett saw a change that was needed at PVGC and was informed about the future plans of renovating the kitchen.
Garrett believes that being a chef is all about trial and error. He creates a dish in his head but when he executes the dish, it is not always as he had pictured. He makes many adjustments to the dish and often consults with his staff. He values the help of his staff’s opinions as they are the ones who are cooking and the restaurant is a team effort.
food.250Garrett’s favorite ingredient to cook with is scallops. I am not a seafood person, but Garrett’s scallops had me devouring the dish. The scallops were buttery and tender, and they sat on a bed of creamy, rich carrot risotto.
I then tried his brussels sprouts. Garrett roasted the brussels sprouts in the oven and then quickly fried them to crisp them up. He tossed them with a sweet garlic sauce and bacon pieces, and then served them with a sprinkle of ricotta salata. The sweet and salty combination with the crispy brussels sprouts was outstanding. The balance was perfect and I honestly think I could eat two plates of those brussels sprouts alone.
I also tried his mahi mahi with sautéed spinach, wild rice, and mango-papaya salsa. I really enjoyed the freshness of this dish. The mahi mahi was tender and flavorful and paired so nicely with the fresh fruit salsa. The wild rice and spinach were a great complement to the fish and added so much flavor and color to the dish. Many are bored of the choices we have on the hill, so check out the amazing new menu at the Palos Verdes Golf Club for an unforgettable and unique dining experience.
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at culinaryjourneybyalexis@gmail.com.
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