Pig Movie As Good As Bacon

by Joaquin Lugo

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• New Nicolas Cage movie about a Portland chef and his pig is worth seeing.

“Pig” is a 2021 movie drama that follows Rob, played by Nicolas Cage, a famous chef in Portland, Ore. who has been off the scene for 15 years.
Rob has been living a peaceful life in the wilderness, just him and his pig. One night a group of people break into his cabin to steal his pig with the idea that the pig is special and can find them truffles.
With the help of his friend Amir, played by Alex Wolff, who he trades his truffles with, they go in search of Rob’s pig. Cage’s performance as Rob was breathtaking, to say the least. With the character going through mental and physical pain throughout the movie, the actor did an excellent job expressing his emotions.
During the movie, Rob’s goal never changes as all he wants is his pig back. Even coming face-to-face with the culprits that stole his pig, he doesn’t get violent and only asks where his pig is.
Pig is a movie that you never knew you had to see.

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