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by Nina Li Love Team Basketball
• As fall sports come to an end, many athletes are preparing for the upcoming winter sports season.

Some of these include soccer, wrestling, waterpolo and basketball.
The Peninsula High girls’ basketball team is anticipating an exciting season with high hopes for many wins. Senior and captain Samantha Inana has been playing basketball since she was five years old, and has been on the varsity team since freshman year.
“I act as the bridge between the coaches and players, show positive leadership to teammates, and provide motivation for the team,” Inana said.
The girls practice two hours a day, Monday to Saturday. A typical practice consists of running, stretching, going over plays, practicing drills and scrimmaging.
“I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by a great group of girls, and I think we have the potential to have a very successful season,” Inana said. “My favorite part about playing is the competitive aspect and being around my friends.”
The 14-member varsity team is made up of both returning members as well as new members. Senior forward Triana Ng has been playing basketball for 11 years. With two ACL and meniscus surgeries, Ng has been through a lot, but still has the same passion and determination when it comes to playing with her team.
“I have very high hopes for our team,” Ng said. “I think we will go far this season. We might not be the tallest team, but we are quick and aggressive. We play with so much passion and put everything we have on the court. We definitely have a harder schedule this year compared to last year since we are no longer going to be playing against a couple of teams we would confidently beat in the past. But, everyone on the team is so talented and brings their own unique skill to the team that I am confident in us. Personally, I am extremely excited and sad for this season because it is my senior year.”
Sophomore Mia Yamada has been on the varsity team since her freshman year and has been playing basketball since she was six years old. As the point guard, she dribbles the ball up the court to set up for offense.
“I believe this season will be a challenging, yet fun and a successful season for our team,” Yamada said. “Our team is very close and we all work very hard. We have a couple of new players that bring a lot to the team, and I believe that how close we are as a team will bring us far this season.”
pen.400All the girls are very close to one another due to the amount of time they spend together. This season will be an unforgettable one for them, and they hope to make many memories together with the time that they have. Each member is very passionate about the sport and hope that they will go far with each game they play.
“I love the rush I get when I play basketball,” Ng said. “Basketball has always been a way for me to ignore the stresses of life and just focus on something I love.
“Another aspect I love is the teamwork. You have to rely on and trust your teammates, and I wholeheartedly do. I know that when I look back at my high school years, I will remember all my basketball memories and all the girls,” Ng said.

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