Madden 22 Brings The Emotion

by Joaquin Lugo

The Esports world was hit with some great news regarding the soon-to-be released Madden 22.
The creators of Madden 22, EA Sports, has released a game trailer to show off new editions and graphic updates. New features, such as realistic mock drafts and scout assignments within the game mode, provide a more realistic experience.
The enhancements excite a lot of fans who have been disappointed by lack of updates to the franchise game mode.
In the game mode “The Yard,” which was introduced last year in Madden 21, EA Sports has added new fields to play on, such as “gorgeous beaches” and “beautiful mountain landscapes” across the world. Also added is a ranked mode that can allow solo players to compete against other solo players in 1v1 skill challenges.
Madden 22 also introduces a feature called “dynamic game day”. This will impact game play across every mode in this year’s game, making the thrills and unpredictability of the NFL come to life. The new feature includes Next Gen stats, real world player data and enhanced AI that helps to deliver the most emotionally driven and interactive game play yet.
Another addition to Madden 22 is a feature that lets players see all crowd animations, on-field reactions and celebrations that bring the real-world emotions of game day to life.
I am excited for Madden 22 and ready to test drive these new features when the game is released August 20.

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