Local Students Join Walkout

by Nina Li

Local Students Join Walkouts

• Peninsula High students join national walkout event.

On March 14th, schools across the nation organized walkouts to protest gun violence and to commemorate the 17 students in Parkland, Fla., who tragically lost their lives in a school shooting.
Peninsula High School’s campus was no exception. From 10 to 10:17 a.m., hundreds of students and faculty members left their classrooms to convene on the football field.
There were numerous signs, orange colored shirts and ribbons and megaphones in the crowd. Once everyone was on the field, the student organizers of the event gave empowering speeches and a choir member sang the song “Rise Up”.
Along with the walkout, students could register to vote, sign a pledge displayed in the amphitheater and write letters to Congress. As one organizer said, “We have all walked out, now it is time to walk up.”
In preparation for the walkout, students who wanted to help the cause came together to make posters, attach ribbons to flyers and anything else they could do to promote the event.
walkoutAbout 1,500 ribbons, 200 posters and 2,000 cards were made. The ribbons were distributed to students’ lockers and students were made aware that everyone had something orange — the color of gun violence awareness.
One of the main reasons students were hesitant to walk out was attributed to the fact that some teachers were giving cuts to those who did leave. Many community members and parents were also in opposition to the walkout, concerned about their child’s safety.
The PVPHS walkout received a lot of media coverage, with news reporters interviewing the main organizers, giving students a bigger outlet to display their message.
TV news vans were also parked outside the gates during the walkout but were not allowed to film anything.
This movement was started by student activists, and its effects will always be felt among those on campus.

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