Fall Festival Brings Peninsula Together

by Joaquin Lugo

line.orange.700Fall Festival Brings Peninsula Together       
100FallFestival 7773• PVP Chamber of Commerce puts on another great event.

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Chamber of Commerce celebrated Halloween season by hosting the 2021 Palos Verdes Marketplace and Carnival. The festival took place over the holiday weekend and featured all the games, rides, live music, and tasty food to make another great event on the Hill.
This is a additional event that is similar to the summer festival but streamlined and cozier.
Chamber President Eileen Hupp said, “The name Palos Verdes Marketplace and Carnival was adopted to emphasize the Chamber’s support and loyalty to businesses in Palos Verdes impacted by Covid 19.”
“She added, “Our goal was to bring people together in a safe environment where we can support local businesses and have a great time.”
The carnival was a blast and featured local businesses vending unique and interesting items. What caught my eye were football cards from the early 2000’s. Other items included homemade jewelry, pottery and crystals. All of which were presented by local artisans.
The rides included a variety for all ages to enjoy. I rode the Zipper right after finishing a mountainous funnel cake. It was delicious. The live music featured artists from multiple genres, including jazz, rock, rhythm and blues, and Motown. It was great to see people dancing and enjoying the performances.
It turned out to be another magnificent event put on by the chamber. Palos Verdes High School junior Nick Finazzo said it was “a hoot” and “it made me feel like a kid again.”
The Palos Verdes Chamber of Commerce will be hosting Citizens of the Year and Solute to Business in the coming weeks.

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