Community Support Surrounds Coach Edelman

by Claire Hardesty Support Surrounds Coach Edelman
• Palos Verdes High boys’ varsity basketball coach is influential as a long-time community leader.
Coach Brian Edelman has been an influential member of the Palos Verdes community for many years, coaching at Palos Verdes High for 12 years, the past 5 years as varsity basketball coach.

He has touched the lives of not only his players but the whole community with his dedication and perseverance.
In the wake of recent events surrounding Edelmans’ diagnosis of cancer, the community has rallied around him with the BE strong movement.
Edelman not only coaches for PV, he is also a main coach for the Cagers, a youth basketball program. Since Cagers is for young players, some varsity basketball players have been playing for Edelman for many years.
“I’ve known Coach Brian for about 6-7 years and I’ve been playing for him that whole time,” said junior Lucas Hong.
The basketball team at PV High has rallied around their coach and play their hardest at every game for him.
“When he’s not there, we have that extra urgency to go even harder and try to win for him because he’s fighting a harder battle than us,” said Hong.
Edelman’s coaching is important to his players, but, in addition, it is an outlet for his genuine love of being a coach, love of the game and, now, a source of motivation to get through this time.
“It’s been good to look forward to doing something different than just chemo or resting,“ Edelman said. “Coaching is obviously what I love to do, so it’s fun to set my goals and know I have to get out of the house today to go to practice or a game.”
“Coaching has definitely been motivation along with the support from all the kids, parents, and basketball families,” the coach said.
Edelman has been a prominent figure in the lives of young basketball players over the years. In addition to his work at PV High, he has been coaching the Cagers program alongside Mark Coffman, for many years.
Said Coffman, “He is a wonderful human being, he doesn’t have a mean bone in him, he’s been great in coaching for this program and instrumental in its success. He knows the game, studies it, he’s an outstanding coach,”
Edelman’s constant positivity and dedication resonates with many people and makes him a highly respected community figure.
“He has a remarkably great attitude and positive outlook . That’s the amazing thing about him,” said Coffman.
The Palos Verdes community is no stranger to Edelman. He grew up here and has been a figure of respect and leadership in the lives of students from elementary school to high school.
Community support has been a huge factor in the coach’s fight, and supporters from every corner of Palos Verdes have emerged to stand alongside him.
“The community support for him has just absolutely been outstanding, and thats a testament to what kind of person he is,” said Coffman.
“He’s a warrior… and a great leader. We will continue to rally around him,” said Hong.

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