A Culinary Journey – Paris

by Alexis Ferguson

A Culinary Journey – Paris

Over the summer, my main goal was to complete all the activities I listed on my summer bucket list.

The one restaurant I was the most excited to dine at was le Relais de l›Entrecote. When I traveled to Paris 5 years ago, I ate at this restaurant and fell in love with their dish.
They only serve one dish, but they have mastered their one and only entrée. A simple green salad with walnuts, perfectly dressed and seasoned, is served before.   
The one dish that is sure to please is their steak with fries and a green sauce. In Paris, if you ask for your steak well done, to your surprise, you end up with a steak pink all the way
To avoid that problem, we asked if they cook the meat differently here and luckily she said that here well done is pink in the middle with no blood.
steakThe waitresses emerge from the kitchen with large serving plates of steak, swimming in the green sauce and a mountain of fries. They serve the food over candles to keep the food warm in small portions so you are able to have multiple servings.  
The meat is perfectly cooked, tender and juicy and complements well with the green sauce.
This green sauce has puzzled my taste buds for five years now, and I am still not exactly sure what the green sauce is. I am convinced that the sauce is an herb sauce (Tarragon? Parsley? Mustard? Shallots?), but I am still not quite sure what the sauce is made out of, which keeps me excited to eat more.
The French fries are crispy and add a nice touch to the dish. A tip is to use the French fries to absorb the flavors of the green sauce. I do think that they give you more French fries than needed and definitely more than in Paris but it is America! What can I say?  
Although they have only one entrée, they do have many desserts to choose from.  Some of their desserts include crème brulee, raspberry and lemon sorbet, apple tart, chocolate cake, and many more to try.
This restaurant is amazing and should be your next food destination.  
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