TEDx Comes To Peninsula High
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• Peninsula High student club brings TEDx speaker series to the community.

On Peninsula High School’s campus there are many different clubs and classes that students can join to express their opinions or showcase their interests. Now there’s one more.
Peninsula’s Service Learning Leadership (SLL) has added another event that allows not only students, but members of the community and teachers to talk about whatever they are passionate about.
TED Talks have always been shown to students in various classes and are used as a way to further students knowledge about a topic through the words of another individual. With that in mind, SLL teacher Heather Myrick decided to bring TEDx to Peninsula High and invite students, teachers and community members alike to audition for a spot in the event.
She created a TEDx committee in SLL with nine students: Diego Sheng, Monet Shibata, Michelle Fredericks, Riley Ng, Kasey Chou, Ariana Bucur, Leslie Castro, Miho Tanaka and Katherine Cruz.
Together, the committee and Myrick organized the logistics of the event and were able to narrow down the search for speakers to about five.
“I enjoy TED Talks and, having learned much from them myself, was eager to bring the possibility of hosting our own event on campus,” said senior Ng.
“We hope that students and community members who attend the event are inspired - be it to create a change, explore a new subject, or see the world in a different way,” said Ng.
In order to bring TED onto campus, the committee had to go through a rigorous set of applications that included many questions such as:
Why do you wish to host a TED Talk? tedx.600
What themes would you create your event off of?
And other general questions referring to the people and community in this area.
The committee sent in their application, got it back, revised it, and then sent it again. This went on for a few months while exchanging emails with TED Talk and sending in new ideas until they were finally granted the license.
“I remember the first time I watched a TED Talk on Youtube. I was in sixth grade,” junior Monet Shibata said.
“I remember how inspired and motivated I was. Since then, I have been a huge fan of TED and what they do. I love how a talk can get me inspired and motivated while introducing me to new concepts and ideas that I’ve never thought about before,” said Shibata.
Once the TED license was finally approved, the committee started to look for community members and students who were willing to speak. They held about 15 auditions for students and confirmed three adult speakers for the event.
The final decision will limit the student speakers to about five. The committee was looking for speakers who had unique and engaging ideas to share that would honor TED’s mission of sharing “ideas worth spreading.”
“I have always been a huge fan of TED Talks and my ultimate dream is to give one at the big, main events,” prospective speaker Samantha Liu said.
“So when I saw that Pen got the opportunity to host, I immediately knew I wanted to do it. Public speaking is something I enjoy, and being in Speech and Debate has helped me further my interest. I wanted to find a way to incorporate humor into my speech while also delivering a strong and thoughtful message,” Liu said.
In hosting this event, Peninsula is opening the campus to their students and the community as a whole. This will bring everyone together and inspire those in the audience to share the same passions as the speakers and learn more about the things that they do.
“I am really enjoying getting to work with the incredibly creative and driven students that comprise our committee, as well as curating what we hope will be an exciting and thought-provoking event for our Peninsula community,” Ng said.

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