PV Hockey Plays For Championship

• Top-seeded Sea Kings play in league championship against El Segundo last seek.

The championship for the L.A. Kings High School League was held Wednesday, June 14, at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, the practice facility for the National Hockey League’s L.A. Kings.

The top-seeded Palos Verdes Sea Kings played El Segundo in an exciting back-and-forth offensive battle.
The scoring started early with El Segundo striking first. The Sea Kings came back with Noah Speiser scoring to tie the game at one.
The game continued to be full of offensive firepower and as regulation time ended the teams were tied, 5-5.

 The Sea Kings’ crowd, known as Red Tide, were full of energy and support for their varsity hockey team.
Sea Kings goalie, C.J. Emery, proved to be a crowd favorite as there were constant chants of his nickname, “The Wall”.
The Sea Kings were without top defenseman Aidan Metcalfe, which proved to be troubling. After regulation, the game went into a three-round shootout, to decide the championship.

The Sea Kings and their coach, Gary Matura, elected to shoot first, and known sniper, Michael Hill, was chosen to start the shootout.
Hill skated down the ice like a lion stalking his prey and utilized his trademark toe-drag. Unfortunately, the El Segundo goalie made an all-world save to stifle Hill’s attempt. The first shooter for El Segundo was up next to face Emery.

The El Segundo player skated down the ice and beat Emery with a deke worthy of the NHL.
Up next to try to tie up the shootout was PV’s best player, Preston Park. Park, clearly exhausted from the long game, was unable to beat the El Segundo goalie.
With the Sea Kings down by a goal, Emery needed to deny the next El Segundo player or else Palos Verdes would lose the championship.

The second shooter for El Segundo was their best player. He tried to deke Emery out once again, however, “The Wall” denied him with an outstanding kick save.
With El Segundo still up one goal, the Sea Kings needed a goal to stay alive. But the next player for the Sea Kings, Gabriel Giammarco, was denied as well, and the title went to El Segundo.

Although the Sea Kings lost the championship, 6-5, in a shootout, it was a successful season and one that many of the graduating seniors should be proud of as their finale in high school  hockey.

PV hockey has a bright future with many returning players, including Chris Emery, Lane Karlitz, Preston Park, Ryan Perry and the Red Tide to cheer them on.

By Lane Karlitz