A Culinary Journey

food.100• New restaurant packs a powerful menu of original food.

One restaurant I absolutely love in Los Angeles is Sycamore Kitchen on South La Brea and, right down the street, the owners opened another restaurant. I had to try this new restaurant named Odys and Penelope.

I immediately was drawn to the décor of the restaurant. The restaurant consisted mostly of wood furniture and brick walls. There was a huge wall filled will firewood and a bar-like seating area in front of the kitchen.

I looked through the menu several times, but could never come to a decision because everything sounded amazing and unique. Luckily, the plates are small so I could try four plates with my mom.
We started off with the grilled calamari salad with cherry tomatoes and roasted mole carrots. I really liked the different textures and the variety in the salad. The greens were frisee, which is crunchy but at the same time bitter. The sunflower seeds added nuttiness and crunch.

The calamari added chewiness and was warm, while the rest of the salad was cold. The carrots and tomatoes added more flavor and texture to the salad. The salad was also served with a sauce that I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it was salty, sweet and buttery, which added a creamy note to the salad. We then enjoyed the charred broccolini salad with a roasted beet hummus and hazelnut dukkah.

Dukkah is a mixture of herbs, nuts and spices, which was sprinkled over the charred broccolini and shaved cheese over the top. I loved the simplicity of this dish and how vibrant the dish was visually and taste-wise.

The seasoning wasn’t too strong, which made the charred broccolini flavor really shine through. The beet hummus was amazing. The color of the hummus was so gorgeous and the beets added so much flavor and made the hummus a little bit sweet. The dish I enjoyed the most was the bacon wrapped chicken thigh with a lemon fig sauce.

First, this dish had me at bacon, so I had to order it. The Applewood smoked bacon added a smoky note and the chicken was juicy and tender.

Bacon and chicken are some of my favorite proteins, and lemon is one of my go-to ingredients, and I can never get enough of fig jam. This dish was calling my name and I don’t know what I would do without it. The lemon fig sauce added tons of flavor and really brightened up the dish and added sweetness to complement the salty bacon and tender chicken.

If you ever go to this restaurant, you need to try this dish.  I will not let you leave the restaurant without trying it.
For dessert, I had the coconut-cashew lime pie with raspberries and toasted coconut ice cream. The dish blew my mind away and is my favorite dessert right now. The lime pie was smooth and creamy yet tart, and sat on a nutty coconut cashew crust.

The raspberries added tart flavor and color to the dish. The coconut ice cream was creamy and balanced out the tartness of the pie. There was also a meringue disk that was crunchy and light, which brought the whole dish together.

I recommend this restaurant for everyone, and I am positive you will fall in love with it.

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By Alexis Ferguson