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PVBA Divisions Set For Playoffs
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The Palos Verdes Basketball Association is getting ready for playoff action.

As the PVBA season winds down, it gets more exciting.
This past weekend, in the Sixth Grade Division, five of seven games finished within 10 points, and two of which were within one. There’s only one word that can describe this season, “exciting.”
Now what will the playoffs bring?
South Carolina defeated Duke by one point, thanks to a shot from the key with three seconds remaining. Both of these teams are set for a run deep into the playoffs.
South Carolina has come off two last-minute wins, while Duke has come off two tough losses.
Don’t be surprised if you see either of these teams playing into late February.
Miami suffered its first loss this season in a close, three-point loss to Indiana. This was an exciting matchup to start with, and it didn’t disappoint. Both of these teams will most likely be top seeds in the playoffs and could even face each other again in the championship.
Another exciting game involved Indiana vs. California. California barely pulled off the win, 37-36, even though Indiana led by more than 10 at times in the second half.
This game showed that Indiana had the grit needed to win a title, even though they couldn’t pull off a win against Cal.
Almost every team in this division has a chance to win a title. As of now, there is no clear-cut favorite. Miami, Indiana, USC, South Carolina, and Duke all have the talent to win the grand prize, the championship.

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