Mood For April Fools Headline This Season
• For only the second time, a Panorama publishing date falls on April 1st.

It was very funny to watch readers of Panorama back in 2017 look for a picture of a cow jumping over the moon. The headline said a cow had jumped over the moon - so it must be true. So where was the picture? I watched readers young and old flip through 24 pages looking for the picture, but I guess the old Panorama photographer missed the shot of a cow jumping over the moon.
We come from a long background of scholastic journalism and print media and we have seen a good number of April Fools editions and the Community Apology that usually arrives afterward.
Still, the best April Fools edition ever created was done by the journalism staff of Palos Verdes High School that came after the passage and consequences of something called Proposition 13 and two very volatile “teacher slow-downs” within the school district.
It was created by the smartest and the most creative kids on campus. Everyone thought it was great. However, the long-time journalism and yearbook advisor was transferred to Miraleste to teach freshman typing the following year.
It probably would have been better if someone just took a picture of a cow jumping over the moon . .
— TC

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