Alumn Chosen For USA Triathlon
• Palos Verdes High graduate Duncan Reid has been chosen for a USA Triathlon development project.

Most people identify running, swimming and cycling as three separate sports. For Duncan Reid, competing in all three in triathlon has made him into an elite athlete. As a member of the USA Triathlon Podium Project, Reid was selected to join a training program aiming to develop elite male athletes into top-ranked triathletes and potential Olympians.
As a child, Reid was competing as a junior cyclist who also liked to run. This led to triathlon being a natural fit for him, and he was introduced to the sport at the age of 10.
duncan.200In middle and high school, Reid competed in the school’s cross country team, raced with a swim club, and cycled on his own, practicing sometimes 14 hours or more. As for participating in triathlons, he entered local races during the school year and raced across the country during the summers.
When USA Triathlon first announced the formation of the USA Triathlon Podium Project, Reid expressed an interest in joining immediately. He went through an application process during the summer and found out that he had been selected in mid-summer.
Now as an elite athlete, Reid considers triathlon a full-time job, putting in more than 20 hours of practice time a week and racing anywhere from 10 to 15 times a year, depending on his rankings, in addition to recovery treatments like massages, and talking to potential sponsors and planning his travels.
“It’s a dream scenario,” Reid said. “The level of support that we are getting from USA Triathlon will definitely allow us to achieve our goals. In addition, being able to study at a school like [Arizona State University] will make sure that we have skills in addition to triathlon.”
Reid’s triathlon training caused a shift in his college life, as he was required to transfer to ASU from Oberlin College, in Ohio, in order to join the program.
“I have some friends that still go to Oberlin, and it was obviously hard to say goodbye to them, but they understood that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and that it would be next to impossible to train at the levels I want to in Cleveland in the winter,” explained Reid.
As one of six triathletes chosen for this program, the stakes are high as the program’s ultimate goal is to foster future Olympians within the next six to ten years.
“For me at least, there is also extra pressure whenever I wear a race suit with ‘USA’ and the Stars and Stripes on it, because I’m not just representing myself, but my country, and some races we go to, people haven’t really met a lot of Americans,” said Reid. “But at the same time, we know that we aren’t going to be Olympic Medalists overnight, and that it requires being the best you can be day in, day out.”

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