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Webcast Miraleste VEX Robotics 2017

PV vs. PEN soccer

soccer.1• Varsity high school soccer players juggle teammates and competitors through the years.

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High School Tryouts Are Real

penlogo copypvd 1 copy• Making the team at the high school level is not guaranteed. Youth team sports have played a significant role in the Palos Verdes culture for years.

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PV PEN Surfing

surf.1• Palos Verdes and Peninsula high surf teams battle at Torrance beach.The Sea Kings and Panthers added another chapter to their storied rivalry, this time in the water, as they faced off in boys’ and girls’ surf competitions.

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Robotics Takes Over Miraleste

• Miraleste middle school studdents attack STEM programs with robots. robotics.11As the field of technology becomes more prominent in today’s society, schools begin to implement more science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) into their curriculums.

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Peninsula High Wrestling

wr1• The Peninsula High wrestling program continues to be a South Bay force and an attraction for Panthers athletes.

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Peninsula Panorama No. 198

Panthers Chip In To Help
aaA break in the storms is all Peninsula needs to finish its baseball improvements.

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Sea Kings Rule The Waves
bbThe old Big Daddy Nikon camera guy has a new favorite sport.

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Rivalry Week Ends Winter Sports
ddSea Kings and Panthers battle.

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Sea Kings Make A Comeback On The Court
ddThe PV boys' basketball program finished the regular season with big wins over Peninsula.

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